Bride shocked as friend demands her dog be invited to wedding as he’s ‘part of the family’

Bride shocked as friend demands her dog be invited to wedding as he’s ‘part of the family’
Bride-to-be sparks online debate with 'no kids' policy for wedding
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A bride has shared her bizarre experience in the run up to the wedding, where a friend of hers insisted that she brought her dog to the ceremony.

A woman voiced her frustration in a viral Reddit thread, explaining that her friend demanded an invite for her canine companion as it was “part of the family”.

The unnamed 28-year-old wrote: "My friend, Lisa, has a dog named Max that she adores. Max is a lovable but highly energetic German Shepherd."

She added: "Recently, Lisa asked me if she could bring Max to my wedding. She argued that he's part of her family, and she can't imagine leaving him alone for the whole day. She wants him to be a part of our special day."

The bride went on to say that she told Lisa the venue would now allow the dog to attend the ceremony, and that the decision was out of her hands.


"I love Max and understand her attachment, but I was hesitant,” she wrote. “I explained that our venue doesn't allow pets, and it's a formal event. We have a lot of guests who might not be comfortable around dogs, and I don't want any potential disruptions during the ceremony or reception."

The woman added: "Lisa got upset and accused me of being inconsiderate. She said she'd keep Max on a leash and make sure he doesn't bother anyone. I insisted that we have to follow the venue's rules, but Lisa won't drop it. Now she's threatening not to come to the wedding at all because Max can't be there."

Eventually the pair worked out a compromise, with the bride hosting a smaller event ahead of the wedding day which meant she was able to invite Lisa.

"After our initial argument, Lisa and I had a heart-to-heart conversation,” the bride wrote. “She apologized for pressuring me and said she understood my concerns about the venue's rules. We agreed that Max won't be attending the formal ceremony and reception. We found a compromise by having a small, informal gathering the day before the wedding, where Max can join us. It'll be a fun and relaxed pre-wedding get-together for close friends and family to meet Max without any disruptions to the wedding itself."

The comments section was full of people criticising Lisa’s actions, with one writing: "That is a completely unreasonable request. I have never heard of a guest bringing a dog to a wedding, especially a formal indoor ceremony."

Another said: "This is a completely inappropriate request. Max is a pet, not a service animal. She needs to make arrangements for him by leaving him with a friend, family member, or boarding facility. If she is incapable of being away from him for a day she needs to get mental health help."

It comes after a bridge sparked controversy after charging guests £2,000 to attend her wedding.

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