Britt Barbie responds after 'fight' video goes viral

Britt Barbie responds after 'fight' video goes viral
TikToker leaves laptop in Starbucks at 'safest country in the world' in …

Viral TikToker Britt Barbie has responded to footage of an "assault" at a shopping centre that surfaced online.

The video was shared across Reddit and Twitter over the weekend, prompting the social media personality (@brittbarbie3) to shut down haters.

The short clip showed Britt Barbie and two friends walking past a couple at a shopping centre. Britt turns and approaches the man after words are seemingly exchanged. The woman from the pair reacts, resulting in an altercation where Britt ends up on the floor.

The TikToker has since turned to the platform, sharing several comments from trolls that read, "you can’t fight," "you got dragged", and "that girl beat you up."

In her response video, she happily dances to the song 'I Don't Care'.

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For those who aren't avid TikTok users, Britt Barbie went viral back in September for creating somewhat of a catchphrase across the platform, "Period Uhh Period Ahh".

The TikToker, who makes lip-sync videos and dances, released a song on the platform after posting videos where she would say, "Period, ahhh!" at the end of each sentence.

The TikToker’s viral status has been helped by the fact that celebrities have been dueting with her video in which she repeats "Period Uhh Period Ahh" over a beat and then leaves a gap for people to rap their own verse.

Amongst them are singer Bebe Rexha, Chloe Bailey and American rapper Baby Tate.

The catchy song wasn't the first time she went viral on the platform either, after sharing a clip in which she claimed she only just found out that hair grows from your scalp and not from the ends of the strands.

Britt Barbie told Indy100: "My bag is still secured, I’m the youngest female influencer with her own NFT line, music video coming out tomorrow and global tour being planned.

"I used to be bullied to the point of being homeschooled and this newfound fame brought me more bullies but that’s life. It is being investigated because that wasn’t a fight, it was an off guard assault."

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