Bus driver shares reason why you can't get on after the driver has closed the doors

Bus driver reveals reason why you can't get on after they close ...

There is possibly nothing more frustrating than when you just miss your bus and the driver refuses to re-open the doors to let you on.

But, if you thought it was just the driver being rude, you may be mistaken as a driver on TikTok has revealed there are actually rules they have to follow about it.

Glaswegian bus driver Stephen has gathered quite a following for answering people’s questions about all things buses.

In one video, he responded to the issue of drivers not re-opening the doors once they’ve already closed them and revealed that they are actually not allowed to.

He explained that, in Glasgow town, the bus operator could face fines if a driver lets you on the bus after they’ve “serviced” that stop.

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Stephen said: “Quite a lot of people don’t actually know this. If this is in the town, we are under TRC conditions which means they’re enforced by Glasgow City Council and SPT and our own inspectors.

“As soon as we’ve serviced a stop and the doors close we cannot open them again. We’re not allowed to.

"The company faces a fine and can have their bus license for that vehicle taken off which means it costs them money.


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“And we can get into serious s**t for it into the bargain, so that’s why that is. It’s nothing to do with the drivers.”

People in the comments spoke about their experience of something similar happening to them.

One person commented: “Happens in small places etc to not just the town happened a few times when my son was a newborn I was raging.”

Another made a suggestion to the drivers, writing: “Here an idea wait for the poor sod running down the street to reach the door before closing them.”

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