Call centre worker films themselves crying while on the phone to a customer

Call centre worker films themselves crying while on the phone to a customer
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A call centre worker has gone viral after sharing a video of themself crying while responding to a customer on the phone, highlighting the struggles of the job.

TikToker Keyarah Elliott (@keyarahelliott) posted the minute-long clip where they struggled to hold back the tears as they spoke with the customer.

"Call center jobs aren’t for the weak," they wrote in on-screen text.

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During the video, Elliot can be seen sniffling and attempting to collect themselves as they typed in the customer's account number into the computer.

"Honestly, it's so sad it's funny," the TikTok wrote in the caption.


Honestly, it’s so sad but so funny😭

Elliot's tearful clip has since received 996,000 views, 103,000 likes, along with thousands of comments from people who have also worked in call centres and described similar stressful experiences on the job and offered some advice too.

One person said: "Customer service isn't for the weak period so we feel you. One thing I'm not going to do though is cry on the call. Call DROPPED!"

"I work for a student loan company I get cussed out err day I laugh cause I’m not the one owe 100,000 in student loans," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "Hey if you ever get my momma I’m sorry."

"I was the same way when I started my first call center job back in June. Mute that call, get yourself together & get back on like nothing happened," a fourth person replied.

Meanwhile, Elliot provided further details on why they were so upset when they responded to a comment and wrote how the caller had them "going through 20 different accounts and otp for over an hour and usually these calls are 5 minutes."

In another comment, they added further context about their employment: "I’ll post a story time y’all I don’t work here anymore. I quit like over a year ago I just have no work ethic and cry at every job."

As promised Elliot posted a follow-up video where they detailed how the job was remote work for a call centre that specialises in gas and electric bills.

The TikTok clarified that the woman on the phone was "respectful" but requested Elliot to check 20 different accounts during the call.

"I wasn’t aware of how many accounts she was going through, so by the 10th one, is like, when I started having a mental breakdown,” they said. “And that’s when I started recording."

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