Christmas themed pizza leaves people feeling sick: 'An unspeakable violation'

Christmas themed pizza leaves people feeling sick: 'An unspeakable violation'
Grandmother charges her family £180 for their Christmas dinner

A Christmas-themed pizza has been making the rounds online – and people are calling it an "abomination".

The viral post shared on Reddit shows the remaining pizza topped with a soggy gravy-drenched Yorkshire pudding, turkey slices and brussel sprouts.

The poster wrote: "Got drunk last night an ordered a christmas themed pizza…sprouts, yorkshire puds, ham, apple sauce and gravy..about the get stuck in to leftovers [sic]."

It was soon followed by hundreds of comments from people who were left disgusted.

"I never want to hear anything negative about pineapple on pizza again," one said, while another added: "Pure filth, have committed an unspeakable violation."

A third joked: "It looks like a punishment for something. What did you do OP to deserve such punishment? It must have been really bad!!"

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Meanwhile, another humoured: "Official declaration of war against Italy."

"This is what you get for being on the naughty list now that coal is so expensive," one person wrote.

The Redditor later responded to an intrigued user who insisted he updated everyone on how the strange culinary creation was.

He joked that his hangover felt the same – "if not worse."

"Edit: I am still alive, followed this up with some shin ramen noodle and some baileys - feeling pretty normal, think the vitamins from the apple sauce really helped," he said.

"For some strange reason, some people think i made this myself? I wish i was that creative. As stated, this was ordered from Franco Manca, part of their christmas menu - they also do a beef one.

"As to why its on a tray…im not a philistine, always reheat pizza on the tray in the oven."

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