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Corporate Twitter accounts for major brands can be one of two things.

They can either be incredibly boring and filled with messages about their products. Or they can be a huge amount of fun, as proven last year by the Natural History Museum.

Sometimes though, social media jobs can be a little too tasking for those in charge of the accounts and certain information get's out into the public that really shouldn't, which is kinda like Donald Trump's account when you think about it.

With this in mind, there is something very strange happening on the Coke Zero account, as at the time of writing it is currently locked from all those who don't already follow it.

Picture: Twitter/ Screengrab

This appears to have started on Thursday, 12 April after the user MashAllPotatoes posted the following tweet which appears to contain a series of tweets from the account ranting about the difference between Coke Zero and Diet Coke.

Images of the tweet have since gone viral and people are very confused.

However, the Official Coca-Cola Twitter account has since replied to the original tweet and now claimed that the first image had been altered, which is something MashAllPotatoes confessed to.

However, it still doesn't explain quite why the account is blocked leading some people to conclude that the tweet was actually real.

indy100 has contacted Coca-Cola for comment.

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