Colin Jost roasts Biden at White House Correspondents Dinner

Colin Jost roasts Biden at White House Correspondents Dinner
SNL star Colin Jost roasts ‘unlikeable’ Trump over E Jean Carroll verdict
Saturday Night Live, NBC

Co-host of Saturday Night Live's'Weekend Update', Colin Jost, was the headline act at the White House Correspondents Dinner, perhaps one the most honourable gigs a comedian can get in the United States.

But, as with any stand-up show, the question is always, how did they do? And the answer is: pretty good.

Reports from the night say Jost was entertaining throughout, roasting the President's age from the start, saying: "I have to admit, it's not easy following President Biden... I mean, it's not always easy following what he's saying."

He also took shots at some of the attendees, including Senator Bernie Sanders, saying: "Bernie Sanders is here because he's not the type to pass up a free hot meal."

Attendees from the New York Times were targeted too: "Wordle is here! Sorry, I mean the New York Times. I forgot they do stuff in addition to puzzles."

After accusations that President Biden was on amphetamines during his recent State of the Union address, Jost said: "The last time I was in D.C., I left my cocaine at the White House.

"Luckily, the president was able to put it to good use for his State of the Union.

"I'm kidding, of course, the president doesn't call it cocaine - he calls it high speed rail."

Jost also used the moment to point out his frustration with the current polling between Biden and former President Trump.

"The Republican candidate for President owes half a billion in fines for bank fraud and is currently spending his days farting himself awake during a porn star harsh money trial, and the race is tied?" he said.

But not all jokes will land with an audience, as Jost found out.

One line that mentioned his 'Weekend Update' co-host was reportedly met with a mix of silence and groans. "My 'Weekend Update' co-anchor, Michael Che, was going to join me here tonight, but in solidarity with President Biden, I decided to lose all my Black support."

Jost then added: "Che told me to say that, and I'm just realising I was set up."

He also mentioned the college protests occurring across America in response to Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

"The Correspondents Association provides scholarships to promising young journalism students, who may one day be sent off to cover dangerous geopolitical hotspots like Columbia University," which didn't receive much of a laugh.

Prior to the event, hundreds of protesters gathered outside the venue to confront attendees about the deaths occurring in Gaza and calling for a ceasefire.

Previous comedian headlines at the Correspondents Dinner include Michele Wolf, Trevor Noah, Jay Leno, Keegan-Michael Key and others.

Jost ended his act with a sentimental moment, talking about his late grandfather.

"My grandpa voted for decency, and decency is why we’re all here tonight. Decency is how we’re able to be here tonight," Jost said.

"Decency is how we're able to make jokes about each other and one of us doesn’t go to prison after - we go to the Newsmax after party.

"When you look at the levels of freedom throughout history, and even around the world today, this is the exception. This freedom is incredibly rare and the journalists in this room help protect that freedom, and we cannot ever take that for granted," he added.

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