Crufts is pretty much the Oscars for the dogs.

It is the biggest event of the year for man's best friend and this year's winner really cemented itself by giving a gift back to everyone who was watching.

This year's 'Best in Show' winner was Maisie, a wire-haired dachshund, who after receiving the award relieved herself by doing a "number two" on the stage in front of a packed arena and a reported TV audience of 11 million.

Although the moment probably wasn't what Maisie's owner, Kim McCalmont, would have dreamt of when he pooch won the top prize, she took it all in her stride and swiftly removed the evidence with a plastic bag like a pro.

The hilarious (but also gross) moment might not be for everyone, but those who saw it on Twitter couldn't help but rally around the adorable and unashamed hound.

Quite frankly, this is the relatable dog content we all needed as we gear up to face another week.

HT The Sun

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