Woman gets 500 responses after creating ‘bae application form’ on Google Docs to find love

Woman gets 500 responses after creating ‘bae application form’ on Google Docs to find love
Phillippa Wilson

A woman looking for love online made the genius move to streamline the frustrating process: a Google Form, officially titled the Bae Application.

Phillippa Wilson posted the form to her Twitter account in mid-April. After the campaign to find love gathered momentum, the 27-year-old explained that she was simply trying something new.

“It’s pretty obvious to say we are no longer living nor functioning in the same way as pre-pandemic, so how can my process of dating follow the old norms?” Philippa Wilson wrote in a tweet thread explaining the thought process behind the Bae Application.

She added that she’s “no longer afforded the luxury of meeting a potential partner in the ways I was used to.”

In the absence of this luxury - presumably the word she’s using for telling dozens of strangers whether or not you have siblings over cocktails - Wilson’s friends encouraged her to put out an “open call” for love.

“Thus my bae application was born,” she wrote.

Phillippa Wilson

Wilson told Insider that although 687 applied to become her one and only, she’s since narrowed it down to 10 options. The process of deciding who to cut and who to keep took over two weeks, and included reached out to an initial 33 options over social media.

Must-haves for potential suitors included social media presence, and shared personal health habits, like not smoking. Wilson also asked about love languages, or the concept of which five types of “love” people in relationships most respond to, such as affirmative language or gift-giving.

She also noted that only about a quarter of the people who applied were in her area, something she considers a priority.

Still, Wilson seems happy with the overall experience.

“I gotta say the way google forms consolidates and breaks down the data makes me 10000x more happy I decided to use this resource to collect potential applicants,” she wrote on Twitter. “I’ve seen some people playing with the idea of doing this for themselves, and if you do I’d 10/10 recommend.”

A month later, the process seems to be going well. Per Twitter, Wilson received flowers from “one of your suitors” just yesterday - a first for the dating ingenue.

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