Marvel extra goes viral for 'performance of a lifetime' in Doctor Strange

Marvel extra goes viral for 'performance of a lifetime' in Doctor Strange
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Although Benedict Cumberbatch is the lead star in Doctor Strange, it was an extra in the most recent Marvel film who was undoubtedly giving off main character energy as she gave "the performance of a lifetime."

Near the beginning of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, eagle-eyed viewers spotted the woman (who has yet to be identified) sitting behind Stephen Strange (Cumberbatch) at the wedding of Christine Palmer (Rachel McAdams).

While a seated Strange chats with Nic West (Michael Stuhlbarg), many were distracted by the extra as she pretends to have a conservation with someone next to her off-camera and then idly looks at the scene all around - appearing to not make the film faux pas of accidentally breaking the fourth wall.

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Soon the 26-second clip began going viral on Twitter and TikTok making the extra a viral sensation.

On TikTok, Charles Weber (@chaaarlesweberchaaarlesweber) shared the video and declared: "THIS is how you be an Extra," - this TikTok now has 885,000 views as one person commented: "She’s gotta be the most iconic extra I’ve seen in a film lmao."


THIS is how you be an Extra #doctorstrange #multiverseofmadness #mom

Elsewhere on Twitter, user Johnny Neff (@JohnnyNeff_) also tweeted the video along with the observation: "Her agent told her to give the performance of a lifetime and she did."

"She's a star baby!" he added

And now she certainly is as the scene has been viewed 6.4m times, and the tweet has received 435,000 likes, 34,000 retweets and plenty of hilarious memes and reactions to the movie's unexpected star.

While others shared where they think she got her acting inspiration from with clips that channel similar energy.

Some were so thoroughly entertained by the extra, that they want her to have a main character role in her own show.

While Benedict Cumberbatch fans are convinced that the mystery extra is actually the actor's mother Wanda Ventham who is also an actor so perhaps explains why the scene made the final cut - though the extra's identity remains unknown.

Given the extra's scene-stealing moment, people on Twitter also shared the different occasions where this has also occurred - and they're pretty hilarious.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is now available to stream on Disney+.

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