This German newspaper headline is really making people laugh

English is often heralded as the language of business, while Spanish is the most widespread, and French is known as the language of love.

But German, well German doesn't get much praise. Until now...

Friday's edition of the Bild newspaper has been grabbing attention for this rather wonderful headline:

The story, published online here, lists the series of sexual assault allegations against Donald Trump that have emerged this week and quotes first lady Michelle Obama, who called him "shameful".

While the content of the article isn't humorous, the combination of the English words "sex" and "monster" has led to much mirth online:

Many people have been making the same joke about not understanding it:

A new appreciation for the German language has been born:

Some, however, have suggested the love for German may be premature:

"Beischlafungeheuer" doesn't quite have the same ring to it...

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