Image: Rex
Image: Rex

It is the curse of construction sites and roadworks - copping an eyeful of a "builder's bum" whenever a portly worker squats, bends or slouches.

Now a Frenchman claims to have the answer - and it's not a belt, or even a pair of properly-fitting jeans. It's a new design of briefs that leaves no behind behind.

Adrien Herve-Pellissier, 24, says his pants come with a huge elastic band around the waistline that will prevent the wearer pulling an unintentional moony, or "sourire de plombier" - "the builder's smile".

Speaking to the i, Herve-Pellissier said:

I'm not changing the world,� it's not like I've found a cure for Aids - just for the builder's crack.

A lot of people laugh when they hear about the underwear, but in a positive way. I get a lot of encouragement from all kinds of people: men, women, young and old.

Herve-Pellissier said he was inspired to create the pair of pants after spotting "a particularly bad example on the street in Rennes". They have been very well-received by both men and women, according to their creator.

The 24-year-old is already looking to expand his business from online and into shops, and is working on a female version too.

A French inventor also came up with sweet-smelling underwear for men in 2013.

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