Fitness influencer eats raw brains for breakfast

Fitness influencer eats raw brains for breakfast
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How far would you go to get a flawless physique?

An unorthodox fitness influencer has gone viral after posting a clip of himself eating raw brains as part of a “high protein breakfast”.

And honestly, if that’s what it takes to be in peak physical fitness, we’re quite happy to be flabby and out of shape.

The clip from bodybuilder Weam Breiche discussing his unusual diet has been viewed more than seven million times, and provoked quite the reaction online.

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The 31-year-old swears by a ‘carnivore diet’, with people adhering to it only eating meat, fish, eggs and dairy.

The video sees him swigging a glass full of raw eggs, and biting into a brain as part of the bizarre meal.

“How to eat a high-protein breakfast if you don’t have time to cook,” he says. "Six raw eggs and a raw beef brain. 110 grams of protein, 1100 calories."


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Breiche has been advocating a carnivore diet for some time, claiming that making meat 90% of what people eat can “reverse diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease, and many autoimmune diseases.”

Talking to the New York Post, he said: “I’m reading several books on being carnivore at the moment, and there are no complications to this diet.

“You might risk bacterial infection, but a healthy gut is totally capable of destroying harmful bacteria.”

Rather him than us…

He’s far from the first fitness influencer to post their unusual diet plans on TikTok.

Last year, one man traded in a post-workout shake for raw, out-of-date meat.

In a post to his Twitter account, @BlazenBrady shared a photo of his typical meal plan, which includes raw steak and chicken, alongside some bacon.

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