Gen Z are trying to seduce Vladimir Putin on Instagram into not starting a war

Johnson will urge Putin to ‘step back from brink’ in Ukraine
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Gen Z are thirsting over Russian dictator Vladimir Putin in an attempt to stop a so-called "World War 3."

The generation is famed for their desire to change the world. In fact, a June 2020 study by Yubo showed that 86 per cent of American Gen Zers felt that peaceful protests and political demonstrations were needed to create significant change.

But now, they are switching up their vices and turning to the art of seduction.

Instagram accounts dedicated to Putin – now Vladdy Daddy to Gen Zers – have been inundated with hilariously flirtatious comments offering all types of peace offerings, including a Snickers bar.

"War is bad, baby," one commented. "Don't do it."

"Let's use words instead, babe," another sarcastically written.

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"No, zaddy. This isn't you," another commented, adding: "I can change you."

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One joked, "I'll be a good little kitten", while another Instagram used turned to flattery tactics, saying: "Your selfie on your story is so cyute!"

While war is no laughing matter – you can always rely on Gen Z to switch up the norm.

TikTok user @earthlyfolk rounded up the hysterical comments in a clip that racked almost 2 million views.

The vladdy daddy comments have me 💀. #russia #ukraine #vladdydaddy #vladimir #vladdy #plsnowar


The vladdy daddy comments have me 💀. #russia #ukraine #vladdydaddy #vladimir #vladdy #plsnowar

The vladdy daddy comments have me 💀. #russia #ukraine #vladdydaddy #vladimir #vladdy #plsnowar

"Gen z will flirt with a Russian dictator to try to stop world war III but won't tell the barista their coffee order is wrong. I love y'all," one joked, while another humoured: "I slowly feel these comments are slowly becoming the reason."

"Imagine this is in the history books 50 years from now," another added.

Putin's "Instagram accounts" appear unofficial, especially after he confessed to not using social media.

"My working days are so busy and finish so late at night that I am not in the mood for Instagram. All I think about is to get to bed to sleep," the dictator told Tass, a Russian news agency.

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