When this Lib Dem MP lost his seat, his daughters wrote him an amazing note

@GregMulholland1 / Liberal Democrats

The general election brought about a mixed back of results - not least for the Prime Minister, who might be about to enter into her own 'coalition of chaos' after all.

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Despite the fact that Tim Farron's party went from nine MPs to 12, including Vince Cable returning to his old Twickenham beat, 8 June can't really be considered a major win for the Lib Dems.

Still somewhat battered from 2015, they lost two key MPs this week - former party leader and deputy prime minister Nick Clegg conceded Sheffield Hallam to Labour newbie Jared O'Mara, while Greg Mulholland lost Leeds North West to another Labour newbie - Alex Sobel.

Mulholland, who had been the Leeds North West MP since 2005, is also the first MP to play rugby for Great Britain - "part of the 20 man GB side who defeated Australia in the over 35s international in Warrington (at 43)" - and is chair of the British Pub Confederation.

Losing his seat was presumably a tough reality to process, but fortunately his children were there for him the day after the election.

The post brought a heartwarmingly human element to the night of change, and went down a treat online.

Some clever Yorkshiremen even took the opportunity to headhunt him...

As one sage of our times put it:

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