People cannot get enough of these adorable snub-nosed monkeys and it’s easy to see why

<p>This monkey has taken the internet by storm because he is just so cute</p>

This monkey has taken the internet by storm because he is just so cute


A YouTuber uploaded a video of a cute golden snub-nosed monkey-eating berries directly out of someone’s hand and the internet has gone gaga for it.

The footage, posted by The Golden Monkey YouTube channel, is so cute it almost seems unreal like it was created with CGI or lifted straight out of Star Wars, using only the stereotypes of what a cute little monkey looks like.

When shared on Twitter by Cozy Club, it instantly went viral with people asking all kinds of questions. what sort of monkey is this? Where in the world would I find one? How do I get one for myself? Are we completely sure that's not a person in a suit?

Luckily for us, these questions are all easily answered. No, it's not a Ewok but as said before, it's a golden snub-nose monkey. Unfortunately, they are an endangered species in their native China.

We would not recommend getting one for yourself, and if anything we actively discourage it. Finally, we are 100 per cent sure that is not Warwick Davis in a suit.

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The wee fella even appeared on TikTok because everything does. We love how everyone is so taken by the little cute guy, boosting their moods in these terrible Covid times.

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