Hasan Piker and Matan Even get into heated clash during appearance at Hollywood writer's strikes

Hasan Piker and Matan Even get into heated clash during appearance at Hollywood writer's strikes
The History of Hasan Piker: Political Pundit & Twitch Streamer

Hasan Piker's had his live stream at the Hollywood writer's strikes was gatecrashed by Matan Even resulting in a standoff between the pair.

The incident occurred when Twitch streamer Piker, also known as “HasanAbi”, was live at the Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike, that is taking place over a labour dispute.

While there reporting on the ground, Piker’s stream was interrupted by the familiar face of Even, who gaming fans may recognise as the same person that interrupted the 2022 Game Awards during the announcement of the Game of the Year.

He became known as the “Bill Clinton Kid” after saying: “I would like to dedicate this award to my reformed Orthodox Rabbi, Bill Clinton, thank you, everybody.”

Even appeared to disappear for a while, but has popped back up in recent weeks causing a nuisance during other people’s live streams.

In a video of his most recent crash at WGA Strike, Even approached Piker holding a sign that read “We love landlords” and began trolling saying, “We love landlords” and that he was “against unions”.

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Piker proceeded to silently stare down Even as he continued to troll, leading to a very awkward moment during the stream.

In the comments, people instantly recognised who he was. Making their opinion known, one person wrote in the chat, “Not this f**ker”.

Another commented: “NO F**KING WAY BRO.”

Someone else said, “OH S**T IT’S THE GUY” while another wrote: “IS THAT THE BILL CLINTON KID??????”

“HOW DOES HE POP UP EVERYWHERE,” another questioned.

Piker did respond to Even who tweeted a video of the moment he gatecrashed the stream, joking "maybe children DO deserve the coal mines."

Even then responded saying: "You should’ve told me that to my face instead of standing there frozen."

Piker then added: "I asked you to step aside politely for the adults to picket and you said i was threatening you, i cant be the father you never had little buddy."

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