How to leave parties in the age of the night tube

The last tube is everyone’s go-to excuse for leaving a party. But with a 24-hour tube service, everyone’s go-to excuse is under threat.

Don't despair: etiquette expert William Hanson gave five tips on how to leave parties in this new age.

1. The obvious excuses can sometimes work

If you have children, it’s fine to say you have to leave for a babysitter. But don’t lie and mention the parking when it’s 1am on Sunday.

2. Be honest if you are going to another party

“It’s OK to say you’re going to another occasion,” Hanson counsels. Better to be honest than lie and for the pictures of it to end up on Instagram. Which brings us to...

3. Don’t be obvious on social media

If you leave for another party and don’t want to say where you're going, institute a social media blackout.

4. It’s OK not to have an excuse

If you RSVP no for an event you aren't expected to say why - and if you leave an event most people won't question it. “Sometimes it’s polite to just go [and say nothing],” Hanson says.

5. If they’re at your house, don’t be afraid to drop a hint

It's OK to slip into pyjamas in the early hours of the morning if nothing else will convince your friends to leave a dinner party you're hosting. The host is the one who determines when the evening is over.

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