Jeremy Corbyn played a version of 'Doom' that lets you 'kill Thatcher'

Jeremy Corbyn played a version of 'Doom' that lets you 'kill Thatcher'
Jeremy Corbyn says Tory economic plan is 'irresponsible'

Jeremy Corbyn has been enjoying playing a version of the video game Doom which lets you 'kill Margaret Thatcher'.

The former Labour leader was snapped playing the modded version on an arcade machine over the weekend.

The game, called Thatcher's Techbase, is a take on the popular game Doom II, which was released by British Doom developer 3D: Doom Daddy Digital in 2021.

Twitter user @letshugbro posted a series of pictures on his profile, showing him building the game into an arcade machine.

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It was then unveiled at the The World Transformed festival in Liverpool, which was held in support of Scotland's tenants' union Living Rent.

There, one of the people to play the game was Corbyn, who posed for a picture alongside the machine.

The hugely popular Doom series is a first person shooter which was first released in 1993. It puts players in the shoes of a space marine fighting off hordes of aliens during an apocalyptic invasion.

The modded version of the game sees players fight against an undead version of Thatcher. The main protagonist descends into the 10th circle of hell, the United Kingdom, in order to battle against her. Here's how you can play it.

Thatcher's Techbase, take down Maggie Thatcher in this Doom II WAD (trailer)

Corbyn ‘liked the game’ according to @letshugbro after having a go at the festival.

On this showing, it’s a wonder he didn’t do as much to battle conservative politicians in the Commons during his time as Labour leader…

It comes after he sparked controversy over his comments about the west and Ukraine.

Corbyn gave an interview on the Beirut-based TV channel, Al Mayadeen, which has been accused of reporting pro-Russian propaganda since Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

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