How the UK will celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee

With the bank holiday celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee fast approaching, celebrations and street parties are planned up and down the country.

But not everyone is feeling the enthusiasm, as someone asked how they can get out of going to not one, but two, Jubilee street parties they’ve been invited to on their road.

The person’s desperate plea came in a post on the AskUK subreddit, where they asked people to get creative with excuses for “how to get out of the road's Jubilee Party?”

In the post, they explained: “Our cul-de-sac is technically two different roads sort of like a T junction.

“Anyway, both roads are having separate jubilee parties on Friday and we've been invited to both. We don't want to go to either.”

They continued: “The woman from our road that's invited us is also my brother's boss and my high school best friend's aunt.

“I don't see a way to get out of either- we'd rather not make enemies. Any advice is greatly appreciated.”

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Other UK Redditors didn’t hesitate to respond with excuses that could get the couple out of the royal festivities.

One person suggested: “Why not just stay out? Go for a walk in the country. Go for a meal. Take a picnic and make a day of it.

“Just say you’re not interested. Fake a covid test. Emigrate.”

Someone else proposed another very British excuse: “Tell each party that you’re going to the other one and then stay inside with the curtains closed.”

Another said: “Offer to supply the queen Effigies for the bonfire, bet that gets you disinvited.”

One controversial Redditor suggested: “Hang up a picture of Gerry Adams in your front room window.”

“Fake your own death, hide out in Panama. It’s the only way,” someone else commented.

Another wrote: “Not going. Not interested. Busy. Can't be f**ked. Got Covid, going to the theatre, getting my hair done. We'll be using one of those, not sure which yet.

“Probably the can't be fucked one.”

That’s the spirit.

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