Lambs spotted playing on children's playground roundabout during lockdown

BBC Breakfast/ Debbie Ellis/ Twitter

One of the weirdest side effects of social distancing and the relative lack of humanity on the streets of the world has been the scenes of wildlife reclaiming the land.

We've seen footage of fish in the canals of Venice again, deer venturing into towns in Japan and masses of jellyfish off the shores of deserted beaches in the Philippines.

Now sheep and goats have begun to reclaim the streets of towns in Britain. This happened earlier this week, where a herd of mountain goats invaded the Welsh town of Llandudno to much hilarity.

While the goats might have gotten up to some mischief there was no doubting the cuteness of the scene spotted by Debbie Ellis in Preston on Thursday morning when a small group of lambs stretched their legs on a children's playground round-a-bout.

Even in these trying times, people couldn't get over just how sweet this image was as well as a few jokes about playgrounds being closed to the public.

The UK is currently is a nationwide lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, with only 'essential shops' remaining open to members of the public.

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