Liam Nissan confirms why he left X amid Elon Musk controversy

Liam Nissan confirms why he left X amid Elon Musk controversy
Liam Nissan

The person behind the Liam Nissan account has responded after Twitter/X users called for it to be reinstated, confirming that he deleted the account of his own accord.

The parody account often posts humorous takes and is often critical of Elon Musk, leading people to believe it had been shut down.

Users shared the hashtag #freeliamnissan after seeing the account - which featured a photoshopped image of the actor Liam Neeson as its profile picture - disappearing from the platform.

However, taking to the Bluesky social media platform, the person behind the account confirmed that they had decided to leave of their own volition.

The account wrote: “Elon didn't ban me, I left because of creepy a** threats. You can tell everybody that. now if you'll excusee I gotta buy some mcnuggets and love my life [sic].”

They added in a follow-up post: “Because I think s***'s gonna be alright. Most people are pretty good when you get them out of "Elon's hive mind". These Nazis won't win in November.”

Liam Nissan/Bluesky

Bluesky is a social media platform set up by Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey in 2021.

Many believed the Liam Nissan parody account had been forced off Twitter, given the fact that it came shortly after the account was involved in an online altercation with Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

After appearing to confuse Nissan for the real Liam Neeson, Abbott hit out at the account after it posted criticism of Republicans and their desire to build a border wall.

Abbot wrote in a since-deleted post: “Another Hollywood Actor thinking they know what’s best for Texas. Listen here Liam, make like an actor, and learn your role, and leave dealing with the border to me.”

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