Man discovers abandoned railway within eerie ‘cave’ in his basement

<p>(Left) The door that the TikTokers enter to discover the 30ft cave (Right)</p>

(Left) The door that the TikTokers enter to discover the 30ft cave (Right)


A man has uncovered an abandoned railway after venturing down a staircase to a 30ft cave beneath his home.

In the TikTok, Steven, the man in the video, and his cousin Maya record themselves braving the darkness to see what’s in his basement.

At the beginning, Maya follows Steven through a couple of doors before reaching a final door with a sign that warns: “Enter cave at your own risk.”

The door gives way to a flight of stairs that descends into the darkness. Turning on the light, Steven reassures Maya by saying: “I think it’s like a safe place, the underground railroad is like 30ft underground.”

Maya apprehensively follows behind him, adding: “I don’t want to go down there, is there any ghosts down here?”

(Left) Steven and Maya (Right) the sign on the door that says “Enter Cave at your own risk”TikTok/moodycakes

But, stunned by what she sees, she adds: “This is really is a cave in your house...”

Steven replies: “Oh yeah this is really historic s*** right here, Indiana Jones s***.”

As they reach the bottom of the stairs, Maya decides she doesn’t want to explore any further, and says she only has flip flops on. “I’ve came down far enough, this is good enough for me,” she says.

Steven tries to convince her, but Maya falls over and the video abruptly ends.

In a follow-up video, we find out that Maya is fine after her fall and Steven shares more information about the railway, as they explore it once more.

(Left) The different brickwork Steven describes (Right) the blocked off tunnelTikTok/moodycakes

As the light shines on the brickwork, Steven reveals the red bricks were added in by the previous owner.

He notes that the darker brickwork is “ancient” and was there when the property was just farmland.

When Maya asks about the tunnel, Steven says it was blocked off when a street was built over it.

The video has a staggering 15.4m views, along with 2.9m likes. You can watch the video in full here.

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