Man fresh out of jail shares ‘overwhelming’ shopping experience: ‘It’s just too much to choose from’

Man fresh out of jail shares ‘overwhelming’ shopping experience: ‘It’s just too much to choose from’
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An ex-convict has opened up about his "overwhelming" shopping experience after being spoiled for choice in the supermarket.

Michael Capers (@social_wellness) took to TikTok after spending the last 12 years behind bars. The viral clip has racked up almost a million views and shows his basket filled with treats while strolling down the crisp aisle.

He explained in the comments: "I came from a commissary that had one page front and back with most of the items not being food. This one aisle had more food than the whole commissary."

At the end of the clip, he concluded: "It’s just too much to choose from. I can’t even shop yet."

Hundreds of fellow TikTok users flocked to the clip to offer some advice. One suggested making a list, adding: "I like to get what I need and then look around for anything else I might want."

"Try thinking of the basics of what you need, then use the internet to find the brands. take the pictures shopping with you so you can find it," a second said.

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Meanwhile one woman consoled Michael, telling him "It's okay, took me five years to be free after being freed. I still have to isolate sometimes but it'll get better", to which he replied: "I think we should go through a 1-2 year decarceration phase. It would make life so much easier when we get back home!"

On the flip side, prisoners have been taking to TikTok to share their very own culinary creations.

One anonymous man, who was posting under the username @shotsneverfailing365 became an instant viral sensation, with clips cooking spaghetti bolognese in a kettle, innovatively using nail clippers as a tin opener.

The videos have since been removed from the platform, after it was believed they were using an illegal phone to film and upload their cooking videos. The prison service is alleged to have alerted TikTok, who later removed the account.

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