Former McDonald's chef reveals secret '10.35 burger’ hack

Former McDonald's chef reveals secret '10.35 burger’ hack
He made a gourmet meal out of McDonalds (#581249)
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TikTok is a breeding ground for inspiration, trends, and hacks – especially when it comes to food. Now, a former McDonald's chef has opened up about a secret burger hack, and people can't get enough.

In a viral clip shared on the platform that's racked up thousands of views, Mike Haracz (@chefmikeharacz) shared his inside knowledge on the "10.35 burger".

Mike responded to a question which asked whether there was "some sort of secret menu or item that's served between breakfast and lunch."

The chef went on to inform viewers that there is, and some people refer to it as the "10.35 burger".

"You can get a burger with an egg on it," he said, adding that it would be more likely if the customer is familiar with the restaurant, or knows the staff working there.

Mike said that he pushed for eggs on burgers to be a thing, and has data to prove the burger was in demand – but his idea was later reportedly shut down.


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His video was inundated with comments from fellow TikTokers, with one writing: "Love an egg on a burger! McDonald’s missed out."

"As a former Corp Kitchen Manager you are 100 per cent right about the egg and burger! Nice margins on a $1 add egg as well," a second added.

Many more noted how their local McDonald's already sell the burger.

"In New Zealand Mcd's we have a limited-run burger called the kiwi burger. It has an egg on it and is very popular," one said, while another commented: "What's crazy is they put eggs on burgers in Japan. I don't know why they would say no to adding them to American menus.

Another claimed: "In Maderia Portugal, egg on burgers is normal, as an upgrade."

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