There is now a movie version of Wordle called Framed

There is now a movie version of Wordle called Framed
Does Playing Wordle Make You Smarter?
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If you’re more of a film fanatic than a wordsmith, we’ve got just the game for you.

Popular brainteaser Wordle has all but taken over the internet, and now there’s a version for movie buffs.

Each day, cinephiles will be given six movie stills and six chances to guess the name of the film they are from.

If you guess incorrectly, you’ll be presented with another image.

By the end, you should (hopefully) have enough clues to guess the correct movie if you didn’t get it sooner.

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When you want to make a guess, start typing it into the space provided and the site will auto-generate several titles for you to choose from.

It already seems to be quite the hit as it's been roundly welcomed by Twitter:

Give it a go yourself by visiting the Framed website.

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