'We're decade away from Westworld': Disbelief as 'Narcos' turned into metaverse experience

'We're decade away from Westworld': Disbelief as 'Narcos' turned into metaverse experience
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The hit Netflix series Narcos is set to join the Metaverse for a new, “immersive experience" - and the internet is in disbelief.

Amber Athey, the Washington Editor at The Spectator, shared a press release on Twitter that she received from Everyrealm, a 'metaverse & NFT innovation, and investment platform.'

“Just received a press release that the show Narcos is being made into an ‘immersive’ experience in the Metaverse so that ordinary people can experience running a drug cartel. We are seriously like ten years away from Westworld,” she captioned her post.

Athey followed up this tweet by sharing a screenshot image of the release.

The platform, alongside Gaumont, the producers of the crime series, announced “Narcos in the Metaverse.”

It noted that it is an “immersive, social, web3 experience” that allows people to experience the powerful and violent drug cartels and create their own adventures, all while exploring the gritty world of crime.

People immediately took to the post's comments to express their feelings of concern.

“This is not a joke,” one wrote, while another added: “Gracious…God help us.”

A third added: “Yep, metaverse going to be a vehicle for more degeneracy and soullessness.”

Someone else believes the Narcos metaverse creation flatly believes this is a waste of time.

“What a waste of time. God has so many other things for us to do,” they wrote.

The Metaverse seems to steadily acquire more interest amongst people due to the convergence of virtually enhanced reality physically persistent virtual space.

For example, one couple in India had a Harry Potter-themed wedding reception with their guests.

And most recently, actress Brie Larson seemingly opened up an art gallery (designed by Varvara Alay) in the Metaverse. The collection reportedly donates a portion of the sales to “a range of children’s charities”.

Elsewhere, NFTs have recently faced the fire due to their close links to Bitcoin, as research suggests it consumes a lot of energy.

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