The bizarre conspiracy linking Nickelodeon and Jeffrey Epstein debunked

The bizarre conspiracy linking Nickelodeon and Jeffrey Epstein debunked
Jeffrey Epstein victims file lawsuit against FBI
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A new conspiracy theory is claiming that the Nickelodeon logo has the same outline to as Jefferey Epstein's infamous island Little Saint James.

Nickelodeon is at the centre of a child abuse scandal after Drake Bell spoke out about the abuse he suffered while working as a child actor on the sitcom Drake & Josh.

Conspiracy theorists have long attempted to make connections to Epstein and Nickelodeon, even before the recent revelations that were exposed in the documentary Quiet on Set.

Now conspiracy theorists are obsessed with the shape of the current Nickelodeon logo which does have a similarity to Little Saint James.

Epstein owned Little Saint James, an island in the U.S. Virgin Islands, and it is alleged many of his sex crimes took place on the island, leading the FBI to search the island after Epstein's death.

In reality, the latest iteration of the Nickelodeon logo is nod to the iconic 'splat' that was part of the logo from 1984 up until 2009, is not a depiction of Epstein's island.

The Nickelodeon logo has changed seven times since it's beginning as the C-3 channel in 1977, and will likely change again as the years past.

This is hardly the first time that Epstein and Nickelodeon have been linked.

A viral Facebook post from 2020 falsely proposed a conspiracy theory that the address found on SpongeBob SquarePants' driver license is the same address as a building on Jeffrey Epstein's private island.

The post, made by Shelby Ellimac, claims "all of these cartoons are tainted by pedophiles. Our kids are not safe."

The Facebook post showed a screen grab of SpongeBob's driver license next to the search results from Googling "Little St James island theme park". Both contain the address "124 Conch Street Bikini Bottom".

The address appears after searching "Little St James island theme park", the listing has not been verified.

Google Maps Help Centre page explains that anyone can, “publicly add places, like a business or landmark, to the map” by searching for an address and clicking on the “Add a missing place” option. It is likely that someone did this for “124 Conch Street.”

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