Noel Edmonds's Twitter game is incredibly bizarre

When he's not quizzing television contestants over their strategy for opening randomly-assigned red boxes, Noel Edmonds likes to tweet.

In fact, his under-the-radar Twitter account (how does this national icon only have 5,000 followers?) is a treasure trove of wonder...

He loves sharing his tea habits with the world:

Perhaps a little too much sometimes...

"Full to the brim!"

And sharing his bantery banter:

He's on a one-man mission to make the world a happier place:

Through pathetic dribbles of maple syrup:

And misidentified beverage containers:

Pretty sure that's a glass of wine, Noel...

Although much of it is just a bit weird...

In fact, after reading through Noel Edmonds's entire Twitter feed (yes, we have done that), your feelings will be pretty easily summed up by the man himself:

You can follow Noel @NoelEdmonds. What a time to be alive.

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