'Nothing showers' are the new thing – but what exactly are they?

'Nothing showers' are the new thing – but what exactly are they?
Is There Such a Thing As Too Many Showers?
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In recent months, the blissfully unaware learnt the meaning of a self-care ritual known as the 'everything shower," which essentially does what it says on the tin.

It entails two hours of head-to-toe beauty treatments, including hair and face masks, shaving, exfoliating, and moisturisers amongst much more.

With six billion views under #ShowerTok, more and more people are seemingly detailing their morning wash routines. But now, attention has been turned to the 'nothing shower'.

"We all know about 'everything showers,' but I'm all about 'nothing showers,'" one TikTok creator wrote in a clip that's racked up over 110,000 likes. "Turn on the water, sit down in the tub, and wash absolutely nothing."

She went on to jokingly claim the 'nothing shower' was "excellent for migraine management, muffling sobs and hiding from responsibilities."

Another TikToker shared a clip, saying: "Everything showers are great, but nothing showers >>> (standing in boiling water listening to music after any minor convenience."


nothing showers >>> #fypシ #pov #everthingshower #shower

While they may initially sound bizarre, there are several psychological benefits to showering – especially when it comes to improving mental health.

A warm shower, whether that be an 'everything', a 'nothing' or somewhere in between, has been said to ease anxiety and depression, as the water reduces tension and helps people relax.

They are also known to give an energy boost, similar to your morning tea or coffee.

While the 'nothing shower' may have some great wellness benefits, don't forget to take care of personal hygiene, of course.

One dermatologist urged people to take extra care of ears, belly buttons and nails to avoid difficult-to-treat infections.

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