Optical illusion of man taking a sunset photo has people confused about what direction he is facing

Optical illusion of man taking sunset photo leaves internet divided

A perplexing optical illusion of a man taking a photo at sunset has people curious about exactly which direction he is facing.

An image posted to an optical illusion sub-Reddit shows the silhouette of a man and other people around him as he is standing up with a smartphone camera, snapping a picture of the gorgeous sky.

Upon first glance, the man appears to be facing forward, but he looks like he has his back turned to viewers with a closer look.

"Is he facing away or towards the camera?" read the post's caption.

People did have split opinions about the picture, with some who could see both scenarios.

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"Wow, this is a really good one. I can swap it back and forth and still can't really decide which is correct," one wrote.

"Definitely away. It's slightly more obvious only looking at him, but you need only see the other people to surmise that's he's obviously looking at the same thing they are, and they are facing away," another added.

A third wrote: "I only see away. How can you guys see forward? What do I need to focus on?"

Someone else jokingly added: "He's actually facing both ways at the same time."

Optical illusions never seem to get old and they continue to fascinate people worldwide due to the power of perception.

For one, Japanese artist Jagarikin created an illusion that showed two circles with arrows on the inside, which had people questioning whether or not the circles were actually moving or appeared to be.

There is also an optical illusion of traffic lights that reveals how our eyesight can play tricks on us.

Elsewhere, some optical illusions have claimed to show people their deepest personality strengths or reveal if you are an optimist or a pessimist.

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