Furious passenger stomps on suitcase to meet EasyJet's baggage requirements

Furious passenger stomps on suitcase to meet EasyJet's baggage requirements
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Flying away to a destination abroad is an exciting prospect - that is until passengers remember the airline's in-flight baggage requirements are the bane of everyone's existence.

People have shared their nifty tricks from taking layering up to the extreme to packing an empty neck rest with clothes - but one man was determined to get his suitcase to fit... and took unusual measures.

TikToker Sam (@hotasfo_o) captured the scenes of a guy who took drastic action to get his hand luggage to fit into EasyJet's measuring tool that has a space of 45 x 36 x 20 cm which is the airline's baggage requirement, otherwise, any suitcases large than this means passengers have to fork out money for the extra fee.

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In the clip, the narrator said: "POV: you fly with EasyJet" as the man can be seen giving the case a proper boot with his foot in the hopes of getting it to fit.

He then looked at an EasyJet staff member to see if he's done enough, to which the employee informed him it has to be "all the way in."

Laughter can be heard off-camera and the man attempted to push his case down further with his hands and joked: "Well, I'll have to take this [airline's baggage requirement display] on board then."

Impressively, he is able to push the suitcase even further down - though it still wasn't given the green light as the man tried to wriggle it further in again - with a few stomps on the top there for good measure.

"You can take it out now," the staff member informed the man who asked if it passed, and was given the thumbs up.

Good news... only the man struggled to get the case back out as the display moved from side to side and it refused to budge, causing further giggles from passengers watching on.


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Since posting the suitcase struggle, the video has received a staggering 24m views, 1.3m likes and over 10,000 comments from people who saw the funny side to the man's determination to meet the baggage requirements.

One person joked: "Seen a guy booking into a hotel with a massive EasyJet sign today."

"The staff guy was just having a laugh knowing fine well what was about to unfold," another person quipped.

Someone else added: "Come on I want it when he's taken it out please."

"Rumor has it he is still trying to get it back out," a fourth person commented.

An EasyJet spokesperson told indy100: "Our ground crew must ensure that customers’ cabin bags are within the maximum dimensions to safely and securely fit where they need to be stowed in the cabin and so customers will sometimes be asked to check this using our baggage size gauges in the airport.

"We clearly inform customers of maximum cabin bag dimensions when booking, via email before they travel and it is also clearly displayed on boarding passes."

Hopefully, the man didn't have to grapple for too long to get his suitcase out and made it to his flight.

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