Woman shares pencil hack for preventing period pain – and hundreds of TikTokers say it works

<p>The TikToker said:  “Idk how, but it really works!! Try this!!”</p>

The TikToker said: “Idk how, but it really works!! Try this!!”


Everyone has their own remedy when it comes to treating period pain – from exercise to hot water bottles to eating our body weight in chocolate.

The cramps that comes with the monthly cycle are uncomfortable for most, but they can also be painfully debilitating; leaving sufferers bed-ridden and unable to move.

Periods at some point affect daily life for 51 per cent of the global population. So if there’s a miracle treatment, people want to hear about it.

That’s why a new video posted by TikToker, @lessiamac has caused such a stir.

The clip shows her sticking the soft end of a pencil into her ear, and then massaging it in the top inner corner.

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According to its mastermind, if you massage the spot for about a minute and then do the same in the other ear it really helps to reduce period pain.

The video now has now been viewed more than 14.1 million times on the platform, racking up 1.5 million likes and over 23,000 comments from women who decided to give the hack a try.

One person commented: “WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT?”

“Woah it actually reduces the pain. Just tried it,” another person wrote.

A third person said: “Omfg this instantly worked, thank you!!!”

“I saved this video a week ago to come back when my period arrived and right now I was feeling so bad from period cramps and it really helped,” another viewer added.

Others saw the funny side to this strange advice.

“I’m gonna hold my pencil case wherever I go,” one person wrote.

A second said: “Erase the pain away. Got it lol.”

So how is this hack so effective at reducing period pain?

Someone offered an explanation in the comments: “It’s because your ear has a lot of nerves which are connected to specific body parts. That’s also why acupuncture is a thing.”

We might just be convinced.

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