6 photos we’d love to see transformed into prestige TV shows

6 photos we’d love to see transformed into prestige TV shows
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If you had the opportunity to create a TV series, using one iconic photo as a reference, which photo would you choose?

That’s precisely what one journalist decided to do, sending the internet into a frenzy.

On Thursday afternoon, New York-based writer Rachel Syme posted a question to Twitter, asking users to upload a photo of what they’d like to see transformed onto the small screen.

“What’s a photograph that you would like to see made into an entire prestige tv series,” Syme asked users.

Within seconds, the staff writer for The New Yorker received an array of interesting photos, which our staff could easily see being re-imaged on the little screen.

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With that being said, we decided to choose a few of our favorites. Here’s hoping Hollywood pays attention.

1.) We can easily see this photo of a women’s rooftop boxing club in 1938 being transformed into a television series. Naturally Greta Gerwig would direct and Florence Pugh and Kristen Stewart would be the leads.

2.) We’re calling on Ryan Murphy to create a series based off this 1984 photo of Grace Jones and Dolph Lundgren. Just imagine how epic the costumes would be.

3.) We’re just going to leave this iconic photo here, and hope that Martin Scorsese wants to interpret this into a Netflix Original Series.

4.) This photo of a Black man fending off a mob of angry white supremacists is powerful in itself, but we also feel it could be adapted into an Emmy Award-winning HBO Max series, written and produced by Barry Jenkins. The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences won’t know what hit them.

5.) Hollywood needs to hurry up and create a series based off this 1970 photo of female employees at Newsweek suing the magazine for discrimination. The fact it hasn’t already been adapted dumfounds us.

6.) Irving Penn’s 1949 portrait of Arctic explorer Peter Freuchen and his chic wife, Dagmar, deserves to made into a series, potentially starring Jason Momoa and Emilia Clarke. We love a good Game of Thrones reunion.

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