Rishi Sunak given Taylor Swift remix: "I'm the problem, it's me"

Rishi Sunak given Taylor Swift remix: "I'm the problem, it's me"
Rishi Sunak drenched as he announces snap election

Rishi Sunak has been given a Taylor Swift remix saying “I’m the problem” as the general election is finally called.

The embattled Prime Minister was given the Cassetteboy remix treatment, becoming one of many Tory leaders to have had a hilarious mashup made from their own words, including Boris Johnson and David Cameron.

This time, Taylor Swift’s hit song 'Anti-Hero' was the inspiration for Cassetteboy’s mashup version titled “Tory-Zero (Rishi’s Version)”.

The lyrics of the song were reworked using snippets of speeches and interviews Sunak has given that have been mashed together to create a hilarious remix.

“I have this thing where I have power but won no elections, although there is one coming soon. I’ve no successes and no plan to help the British people. ‘Stop the boats’ is my only tune,” the song begins.

Labour leader Keir Starmer also makes a short cameo on backing vocals, saying, “It’s time to go”.

The initial lyrics of the chorus remain the same as Swift’s original, as “Sunak” says: “It’s me, hi. I’m the problem, it’s me.”

Next, it continues: “And it’s high time the country was set free. We’ve worked entirely for ourselves and never for the people. Britain is exhausted after we delivered less than zero.”

“Cassetteboy is back with another banger,” one person on X/Twitter responded.

Another wrote: “@Cassetteboy knocking it out of the park again! Awesome stuff.”

Someone else said: “I do love the creativity and theatre that follows elections.”

The general election will be held on 4 July 2024.

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