Salford City's match was called off, so they donated all the food to the homeless

Salford City's match was called off, so they donated all the food to the homeless

What with all its shameless bluffing, brawls and bad-mouthing, football is rarely a heartwarming sport.

But Salford City FC just showed everyone how football can be a force for good - at least, when a match is called off and there's no actual competition being played.

The National League team had over 150 pies, vats of soup and some cheesecakes left over when its game against Tamworth was postponed.

Rather than stuff their faces as might have been tempting, Salfor'ds joint managers Anthony Johnson and Bernard Morley headed to a homeless shelter to donate the food.

The heartwarming gesture struck a chord with a football fans.

The referee called off the match less than 90 minutes before kick-off because of a frozen pitch.

A spokesperson for the club said they had been preparing for such a situation:

We wanted to share the good feeling that we have at the club and it’s great to be able to help people.

We had already been speaking to a few homeless charities and have a list of them in case something ever happened like this and we have a lot of leftover food.

It’s the first time that we’ve been able to do it. They were really happy. It’s all going to be used today.

There are people that go there in the evening for tea and it will save staff the trouble of have to rely on other donations when they have got a huge amount like that.

They are really pleased with what they have got. It’s fantastic.

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