A Seinfeld clip is reminding everyone why you don't mess with Ukraine

A Seinfeld clip is reminding everyone why you don't mess with Ukraine
A resurfaced Seinfeld clip is reminding people not to mess with Ukraine

A line from a resurfaced Seinfeld clip has become especially fitting lately. Given Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the strong response from citizens and President Voldomyr Zelensky, we can all agree that Ukraine is not weak.

In the clip, Kramer and Newman are playing a world domination board game on the subway and begin verbally trashing Ukraine.

"I've driven you out of Western Europe and I've left you teetering on the brink of complete annihilation," Newman threatens.

"I'm not beaten yet I still have armies in the Ukraine," Kramer yells back

A nearby subway passenger who happens to be Ukrainian hears the two speaking about his country and perks his ears up to listen.

"The Ukraine? You know what the Ukraine is? A sitting duck. The Ukraine is weak, it's feeble," says Newman. The Ukrainian quickly steps in to remind the two that Ukraine is a strong country. But when Newman tells the passenger they're playing a game, the Ukrainian reacts with fury.

"Ukraine is game to you?!" The passenger yells before smashing the board game with his fists, leaving Newman and Kramer shocked.

"Do not say the Ukraine is weak!" he adds.

"Ukraine is a game to you!?" An unnamed character in the show yells at Kramer and Newmann for bashing the country @KS1729 / Twitter

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The man's defense of Ukraine is a reminder of the country's strength on day seven of Russia's invasion. President Zelensky has remained headstrong in defending the country to the end of the fight. On Tuesday, Zelensky delivered an emotional speech to the European Parliament asking for expedited acceptance into the EU.

Stories of citizens helping each other out and defending the country are going viral on social media reminding the world that Ukraine is an independent and proud country.

Last week, citizens helped an elderly man after being crushed in his car by a Russian tank. On Monday, A Ukrainian brewery began production of Molotov cocktails.

If there's one thing we've known for decades, it's that Ukraine is strong.

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