Couple find very X-rated bag of goods left behind by previous owner of their new home

A TikTok has gone viral after a couple moved into a new house only to find the previous residents had left a bag of X-rated products in a bedroom drawer.

In a video posted by TikTok user @kristenjones8219, captioned “Sooo gross y’all. I was not prepared to find this”, new resident Kristen Cape shared that she had found a bag full of sex toys when she moved into her house.

The written text in the video explained: “We just moved into a house and the old owners left some stuff behind.

“We found clothes, which was cool until... we pull out an entire bag of sex toys.”

Tik Toker Cape can be seen opening the bottom drawer of a chest of drawers in the bedroom. At first glance, it appeared to be full of abandoned clothes.

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She then, however, took a black bag out and opened it up to reveal that it actually contained multiple sex toys.

The clip has been viewed over 560,00 times and liked by more than 3,500 users.

Some people commented on the clip making light of her situation. One used a witty play on words, writing: “You must be BUZZING after finding that!”

Another wrote: “Let’s hope they don’t turn up for them back.”

One questionable person suggested the couple clean them and keep or sell them. Another appeared to agree, suggesting: “Soap, water and vinegar. Good to go.”

Cape was strongly opposed to the idea, writing, “That’s a big nope” and informing people the X-rated items had been thrown in the bin.

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