Spoof Tory MP was featured on Jeremy Vine's show

Spoof Tory MP was featured on Jeremy Vine's show
Jeremy Vine does an accidental Partridge with radio chess segment

A spoof Tory MP made it onto Jeremy Vine’s Channel 5 show and it backfired incredibly.

The incident occurred during a segment in which Vine and his guests were discussing the ongoing rail strikes that are happening over the Christmas period.

During the discussion, a tweet from the spoof “ex-Tory MP” Sir Michael Take CBE (clue's in the name) was read live on air which blatantly mocked the Conservatives, saying they will be unable to attend their fancy dinners due to the rail strikes.

Vine said: “I’m going to show you a tweet and this is a guy called Sir Michael Take, and he is apparently, he says, an ex-Tory MP.”

The presenter then proceeded to read out the tweet, saying: “‘Our old boys' dinner at the Ritz has been cancelled because of the rail strikes. Usually, we meet up and raise money for our old school.

“‘Thanks to Mick Lynch and his cronies, this won’t happen. A public school is now without vital funds and some poor elderly men missing pals to talk to.’”

Vine noted the account was a parody, but added he included it to demonstrate the "anger" that had come in response to the tweet.

It wasn’t long before “Sir Take” heard about his hilarious appearance on the show and tweeted the footage.

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He wrote: “Very pleased to see my common sense opinions about The Rail Strike were featured on @theJeremyVine’s TV Programme this morning. I’m delighted that viewers of @JeremyVineOn5 were able to listen to my views on all of this industrial action.”

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