This Harry Potter fan created a Marauder's map to propose to his girlfriend

Harry Potter is not just the Boy Who Lived: his story is part of the fabric of this world, forever ingrained in the hearts of people still awaiting their Hogwarts invitation letter.

For those of us still stuck in the muggle world, we have to make do with the books, the movies, and the studio to satisfy us, but Evan Onuskanych took it one step further and recreated the Marauder’s Map.

Yes, he’s that awesome.

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The original map, of course, which showed Harry everyone's locations at Hogwarts, as well as a secret passageway which allowed him to leave the school undetected, has been instrumental to Harry's success throughout the books and has even sassed Professor Snape (if you don't know, get to know).

Evan told BuzzFeed:

The idea kind of just sprang into existence… I used a template based off the original for the covers, but went custom from there. I wanted to make sure we were located on the map exactly in the spot I would propose.

He had broken up the map into four parts: where they met, their first memories, college, and the present.

I added some of our closest friends on the map, too, who are a part of our journey.

He proposed to her at their favorite trail in Pennsylvania.

His fiancé is a Harry Potter fan as well:

If she had her way, the whole thing would be Harry Potter themed.

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Well done Evan, here's the obligatory Harry Potter reference for you:

Mischief managed.

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