<p>It all started when someone on Twitter labelled a picture of a joint with the different feelings when smoking it.</p>

It all started when someone on Twitter labelled a picture of a joint with the different feelings when smoking it.

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An inspired diagram showing the different levels of paranoia that can occur while smoking a joint has gone viral.

@jzux on Twitter created a diagram which labels the different sections of a cannabis joint to describe the levels of paranoia that develop as it’s smoked.

It goes from fears that “all their friends hate them” and think “they’re annoying” all the way to paranoia that “a demon is coming to kill me.”

This visual explanation seemed to resonate with people on Twitter, as it now has more than 230,000 likes and 22,500 retweets.

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Some replied to the original joint meme with their own versions of anxiety and paranoia:

This meme then began to catch on as people realised that labelling images this way is actually a prett effective way to convey our changing mood.

Here are some of our favourites:

Some were able to capture our feelings when watching a TV show or film.

In particular, the unexpected turn of events in the who dunnit mystery, Knives Out.

When Phoebe Waller-Bridge’s hilariously funny TV sitcom Fleabag, took an emotional turn.

Another captured the resurged appreciation of Jack Black’s iconic 2003 film, School of Rock.

Others, created their own memes about gaming.

We’re pretty sure this is everyone’s experience with The Sims - deciding to play for a bit but end up playing for hours and then ultimately forgetting the game exists for three months.

It seems everyone also had a similar experience with the game that got us through the previous coronavirus lockdowns, Animal Crossing.

Of course there were going to be ones about drinking, whether that be the inevitable downfall of our drunken actions (with depressing Lorde lyrics and all)...

...or how the alcoholic beverage tastes.

Funnily enough, Lorde actually appears again in another meme with fans showing their appreciation for her 2017 sophomore album, Melodrama.

But they also want to know: “where the f**k has gone?”

Other musicians were also part of the meme too.

This one was a bit too literal - but funny nonetheless.

Another, blamed the entire pandemic on Tones and I’s hit song “Dance Monkey

Someone managed to capture our feelings about how Dr. Martens shoes look versus when we first walk around in them.

Is a meme even a meme if there are no themes of an existential crisis, procrastination or angst?

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