Russian undertakers branded 'tasteless and offensive' for using lingerie models in advert

Russian undertakers branded 'tasteless and offensive' for using lingerie models in advert
Russian undertakers use semi-nude models in ad

An undertaker in Russia hired semi-naked models to sell more caskets – and people are mortified.

In an approach that no one saw coming, Moscow's hired a handful of lingerie-clad women to re-enact a funeral service while posing in and around coffins.

The racy social media campaign read: "We have our own staff of qualified agents, who supervise the organisation of the funeral at every stage - from paperwork to the rite" – though it's unclear whether the coffin models are actually part of the staff.

Naturally, the controversial ad didn't go down too well after people turned to social media to express their outrage.

One slammed the 42-second clip "tasteless and offensive" while another slated it as "blasphemy."

"It's horrible," another disapproving user wrote. "They are out of their minds."

"The real horror is that people have lost all boundaries," another candidly penned. "The world has gone mad."

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Another concluded: "Why do we need nude women to advertise something so private and sombre? It is tasteless and offensive to those who need to bury their loved ones."

According to their website, Horonim provides funerals for all different religious backgrounds, including Orthodox (Christians), Muslims, and Jews. They also cater special services for VIP guests and those with a lower budget.

"My work is connected with the mournful events that happen in the life of every person, so I, as a specialist in such a difficult field, can help in the quality organization of the funeral," social media manager Albert Mazzafarov said, according to a translation from one of their Instagram clips.

Meanwhile, in other funeral-inappropriate news, one woman turned to Reddit for advice after refusing her cousin's request to perform an interpretive dance in front of the casket. While there's no right or wrong way to grieve, the very specific request was too much for this woman to get on board with.

Indy100 reached out to Horonim for comment.

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