The lead singer of Wheatus debated Brexit on TV and everyone referenced Teenage Dirtbag

The lead singer of Wheatus debated Brexit on TV and everyone referenced Teenage Dirtbag

First, we had the Spice Girls discussing Brexit. Then we had Mr Blobby.

Now I'm pleased to announce that British television has completed the weird trifecta of nostalgia acts commentating on perhaps the biggest political moment in British history.

Bizarrely the lead singer of Wheatus, yes...Wheatus, whose song 'Teenage Dirtbag' is somehow still played at weddings, rock clubs and school discos 18 years after it's release, was debating Brexit on BBC Two's Politics Live show on Friday afternoon.

Before you start groaning and complaining about the sorry state of this country, it's probably worth listening to what 45-year-old Brendan B. Brown has to say on the subject.

Turns out he isn't just some 'dirtbag' who listens to Iron Maiden all day. He told Politics Live:

It has occurred to me that the young people who we come across are very concerned with not being able to move freely.

They’re suddenly staring down the barrel of a closed island. It feels as though there’s a wake-up call with people going, 'I’m graduating from uni in a year and I’m not going to be able to work in France. Really?'

I wanted to hear from them and see how many of them were really concerned about this and wanted to vote again.

Maybe people who weren’t paying attention in the first referendum. I don’t think many people can explain to me what is going to happen when Article 50 is finally done.

What I’m concerned with is some part of the immigration process will become a hurdle we can’t get over.

He added:

We come out here a lot [on tour] and we have a lot of UK employees. I can’t enter the battle.

I’m an EU passport holder but the rest of my crew are not.

What winds up happening is we do all this paperwork to make sure we can come into the country properly…

It’s a fragile ecosystem to begin with so it scares me a little bit.

Turns out that despite being from Northport, New York, Mr Brown knows what he's talking about.

The catch here is that nobody seemed to have watched Politics Live but they did see images of his appearance on Twitter and there were inevitably a lot of jokes.

There were plenty of jokes about other bands from that early 00s era.

Journalist Ash Sarkar, who appeared alongside Brown on the show also tweeted a joke about it which appeared to get a bit out of hand.

Fortunately for Brown, some people did listen to what he had to say and found him very insightful and informative.

Still, this is a terrifying prospect...

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