Clip goes viral after woman appears to call out ‘fake people’ at her sister’s funeral

Clip goes viral after woman appears to call out ‘fake people’ at her sister’s funeral

A woman has gone viral after calling out “fake people” at her sister’s funeral and people have mixed feelings about her actions.

TikToker Jasmine, @Jazzklassykushco can be seen in the video standing at the altar as she gives a speech at the funeral for her sister, Ariyanna, who she said died in a car crash.

At the beginning of the clip which appears to be filmed by one of the guests, the camera films the coffin and pans round to Jasmine, who is in funeral attire, including dark sunglasses as she decides to use her speech to call out “fake people” - and she didn’t hold back.


I hope I gave you the best funeral baby sis . Fly high 🕊 #restinpeace #forever18 #AEJeansHaveFun

Jasmine said: “You’re a fake b****. She didn’t even like you. You owe her money. And I didn’t even see you donate to my sister’s funeral, so you’re automatically disqualified.”

She appeared animated as she gestured to mourners and added: “You can leave the room. Yeah. Bye. Bye. Don’t be all surprised now.”

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As the clip does not show funeral guests, it remains unclear as to whether Jasmine directly called out those people in person or if she made the video to address the people indirectly.

She uploaded it to TikTok with the caption “I hope I gave you the best funeral baby sis, fly high.”

Since posting her speech, Jasmine’s video has received 18.1m views, 3.6m likes and nearly 20,000 comments from people who are divided over whether it was the right thing to do.

Some people did not appreciate Jasmine’s speech or felt that it was an appropriate time to call people out.

One person wrote: “This is my family at the last family funeral. It was just awful and make me not want a funeral when I die! Tacky and embarrassing ugh.”

“Not the time or place smh [shaking my head],” another person said.

Someone else added: “Funerals are for respecting the dead on their final journey. So disrespectful and tacky. There’s a time and a place for everything.”

Though not everyone felt this way since many people praised and stuck up for Jasmine for calling out people who her sister apparently didn’t like.

One person said: “Your sister probably would’ve wanted you to say that.”

“Idc [I don’t care] what anybody says, we need to normalize calling people out because all of a sudden when you’re dead everyone was your best friend,” another person wrote.

Someone else added: “Funerals are for LOVED ONES, if people want to make amends with the deceased they can do it on their own time.”

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