Woman goes viral after sharing messages from ‘misogynistic’ man who can’t take rejection

Woman goes viral after sharing messages from ‘misogynistic’ man who can’t take rejection

A woman, who decided to end things after a bad first date, got more than she bargained for when she decided to call the guy out for being “misogynistic.”

TikToker Haley (@haleyhydee) explained how the night before she went out on a first date and “was disrespected the whole time.”

Deciding to call it off, she sent her date a message telling him upfront “this isn’t going to work out.”

At first, he appeared to take the rejection on the chin and replied: “That’s cool, why though?”

Not holding back, Haley revealed all and wrote: “u were being super misogynistic and ik [I know] you weren’t doing it on purpose but that sh*ts not charming or funny and hasn’t been for a long time.”

After asking her what “misogynistic” means, Haley told him to do some homework on the topic, while noting the irony she responded: “didn’t u say that ur biggest pet peeve was ignorant ppl [people]? look it up.”


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At this point, the guy becomes extremely rude and replies: “I would if I cared” and attempts to belittle Haley by adding “You use big words for being a barista.”

While this response only played into Haley’s argument which she noted: “See this is exactly what I mean. u can’t expect to get anywhere with a girl if ur going to talk down to them.”

Though the guy didn’t seem too bothered and said: “I’m not the only one missing out so I’m good with it.”

As Haley wishes him luck on his “third first date,” the guy’s messages only get meaner (and cringier) as he adds: “Hopefully the next looks as good as the pics and has a personality.”

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The TikToker then accuses the guy of having “tiny man syndrome,” as he attempts to retract his interest in her after getting rejected by saying “I thought about dropping u off before we got dinner but gave you a chance.”

However, the first message from this day was from him was: “Morning dork. Feel better so I can kiss you later.”

Haley then tells him he should have dropped her off because “the first question u asked told me we weren’t having a second date.”

Unfortunately, we don’t know what this is as the question Haley refers to is never revealed.

But, Haley did reveal through on-screen text captions that on the date, the guy told her “his last date didn’t work out because he called the girl an ‘airhead.’”

After a few insulting exchanges, the guy sent Haley left his most misogynist until the end where he wrote: “Women do need to know their role though.”

Furious at what she had just read, Haley hit back with a punching reply, calling him out on his misogyny.

“Ur a sexist piece of sh*t dude. No self-respecting woman is gonna wanna be with u. Hence why ur 24, single, and can’t get past first dates. This isn’t the 1800s, women know their worth, and know there are men out there that won’t treat them as a piece of f***ing property

She concluded: “The way u talk is disgusting, and u can’t handle rejection. It’s sad.”

Despite being schooled on his misogynistic ways, the guy didn't learn his lesson and replied, demeaning Haley’s intelligence once more, he wrote: “Impressive for a barista,” and tried to provoke Haley further by adding: “Wanna keep going?”

Since sharing the exchange, Haley’s video has received 1.4m views, and people shared their outrage at the guy’s misogynistic attitude.

One person wrote: “Wooooow. Let me guess, he blames women for being miserable and always rejecting him because ‘they don’t give him a chance.’”

“The fact he is trying to degrade you with this ‘for a barista’ when he doesn’t know what a misogynist means talking to a wall makes more sense,” another person said.


“His internal issues are showing,” a fourth person replied.

At least Haley found out what he was really like rather than further down the line...

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