Woman sues boyfriend over one minor inconvenience

Woman sues boyfriend over one minor inconvenience

A woman reportedly took her boyfriend of six years to court after he failed to take her to the airport.

The woman, who remained unnamed, was said to have taken her partner to the Disputes Tribunal in an attempt to get back some of the money she had lost from missing her flight.

The couple had agreed that he would take her to the airport to catch a flight and watch a concert overseas. But, he never turned up, according to Stuff.

He also allegedly planned to housesit while she was away and take care of her dogs.

Subsequently, the woman had to fork out additional costs to travel the following day, including a bus to the airport and dog-sitting services.

Tribunal referee Krysia Cowie said in a statement: "Partners, friends and colleagues make social arrangements, but it is unlikely they can be legally enforced unless the parties perform some act that demonstrates an intention that they will be bound by their promises."

"When friends fail to keep their promises, the other person may suffer a financial consequence but it may be that they cannot be compensated for that loss," she continued.

Cowie said the promise did not have a contract and dismissed the case.

The couple have since parted ways.

Elsewhere, patience was also wearing thin when a woman sued her date for $10,000 for not showing up.

During a court appearance on Zoom, QaShontae Short ended up having a heated conversation with Judge Herman Marable Jr. after Jordan branded the case a waste of the judge's time.

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