Yorkshireman needs ‘therapy’ after being charged £54 for fish and chips in London

<p>Les Jones was horrified by the cost of takeaways in the capital</p>

Les Jones was horrified by the cost of takeaways in the capital


We constantly hear that life is more expensive in the city, but one unwitting dad learnt that the hard way when he travelled down to London to visit his son.

Les Jones, 83, made the trip from Yorkshire to the east of the capital to see his son Gareth and treat him to some tasty comfort food on Saturday.

However, poor Les was far from comforted when he was handed the bill for their takeaway dinner: £54 for four portions of fish and chips.

Gareth, an Ilford vicar, shared a photo of his disgruntled dad on Twitter, joking that he now needs “therapy” to cope with the shock.

He wrote: "Dad wanted to buy fish and chips last night. We let him and he gave me his card to pay for them delivered.

"He’s now trying to access therapy as he’s realised 4 rounds of fish, chips and mushy peas cost him £54.

"Welcome to London, Yorkshireman."

Within two days, the post had racked up more than 12,300 likes and 800 retweets as viewers empathised with the northerner’s dismay at southern prices.

Here’s what they had to say:

Meanwhile, others boasted of the bargain chip shop suppers they’d enjoyed in their own home towns:

However, one user was actually able to trump Les’s traumatic experience:

In a follow-up post, Gareth reassured fans that his old man was on the road to recovery:

He also told The Sunthat the reaction to his dad’s plight had given the 83-year-old “a lot of laughs”.

He said it had cheered Les up during a difficult time, having recently lost his wife of 46 years.

"He doesn’t own a smartphone and can’t use a computer so Twitter is alien to him,” Gareth told the news site.

“But he’s sat reading all the comments today!"

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