13 of Adrian Chiles' greatest ever column headlines

13 of Adrian Chiles' greatest ever column headlines
The best of the worst of Adrian Chiles

Whenever Adrian Chiles writes a column for the Guardian, it sets Twitter on fire.

The writer's knack for making the most mundane takes from loading the dishwasher to climbing trees sound interesting is something to behold, as is the talent behind whoever is writing his headlines.

So we've trawled the archives so you don't have to.

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Here is a roundup of Chile's greatest hits.

1. ‘Large or extra-large?’: my perilous first condom purchase

2. Lockdown has slowed me down. So why can't I spare two minutes to clean my teeth?

3. If dishwasher-loading was a sport, my dad would be world champion

4. I thought it was weird to have a favourite spoon. Then I realised I wasn’t alone ...

5. I have a urinal in my flat and it has changed my life – so why are people appalled?

6. Who are these people who love to feel sand between their toes? I hate it

7. Jude Bellingham went to my school! OK, it was 35 years after me, but I’m walking a little bit taller

8. Do I really need to drink almost 4 litres of water a day? I haven’t got the bladder for it

9. We can go to the moon – so why can’t we stop my glasses sliding down my nose?

10. I had such bad car sickness as a kid that the mere smell of Dad’s Volvo would set me off

11. Why would anyone want their own pool? They’re certainly no good for swimming in

12. You’re never too old to climb a tree – and I should know

13. My biggest surprise of the week? I have a naked lookalike – and he is making a fortune on OnlyFans

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