Ryanair 'bans' James Corden as Twitter flooded with hilarious memes

Ryanair 'bans' James Corden as Twitter flooded with hilarious memes
James Corden 'forgiven' by owner of New York restaurant after being labelled …

Following news that TV host and actor James Corden was (temporarily) banned from New York City restaurant Balthazar, memes and jokes flooded Twitter.

On Monday evening, Balthazar owner Keith McNally branded Corden "abusive" while issuing an 86 on him. The restaurant owner recounted several instances the Late Late Show host reportedly mistreated staff. He later posted that the ban was rescinded following an apology.

Of course, the accusations sent Twitter into a joke-filled frenzy with Ryanair leading the way for memes.

On Tuesday, the low-cost Irish airline, known for its cheeky social media, tweeted, "James Corden BANNED from Ryanair," and attached a photo of Corden with a large red "no symbol" over him.

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The airline company has a reputation for joking online. In the past, they've made jokes about Leonardo DiCaprio's weird dating history, Boris Johnson's Partygate scandal, and Eric Trump using private jets.

The tweet gained over 60k likes and led the way for similar quips.

People took the opportunity to claim Corden had been banned from fictional settings, extremely specific places, or just general locations.

Later on Monday evening, McNally announced he had reversed Corden's ban after the talk show host "apologized profusely" saying he "strongly [believes] in second chances."

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