No, Jared Leto wasn't wearing the strangest outfit at the Met Gala

No, Jared Leto wasn't wearing the strangest outfit at the Met Gala
Jared Leto twins with Alessandro Michele in matching suits at 2022 Met ...
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Jared Leto is known for weird antics such as getting really into his method acting, so much so that in his recent film Morbius, he was so intent on playing a character in chronic pain, battling a rare blood disease, that he had to use a wheelchair to go to the bathroom.

The 50-year-old actor is also known for turning heads at the Met Gala after famously turning up to the event in 2019with a replica of his own head.

At this year's event, fans thought the actor had channelled yet another eccentric look - however despite some outlets claiming it was Leto, he in fact was not the person with the most bizarre attire of the night.

Rather it was Fredrick Robertsson, a Swedish fashion entrepreneur and LGBTQIA+ activist who had everyone talking about his outfit which was a silver bodysuit covered with rounded needles in an intricate swirled pattern to create an unusual shape and styled the bottom half of the outfit with flared pant legs contrasting from grey to black.

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To complete the look, Robertsson slicked back his blonde hair and wore heavy black eyeliner along with white dots added around his eyes.

It seemed that the resemblance between Robertsson and Leto was so uncanny that media outlets such as Vulture and The New York Times got the pair mixed up and later had to correct their mistake.

Though, plenty of people also couldn't help but make the same mistake or at least point to the eerie similarities between the two of them and had a laugh about it.

Meanwhile, Leto did in fact turn up at the Met Gala and was twinning with another person, Gucci's Alessandro Michele - which of course only made the earlier mix-up even funnier.

Although people may have gotten him mixed up with Jared Leto, everyone will remember Roberson's name as a result of the confusion.

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